Detox Soap

TerraPia Detox Hand and Body Soap with Zeolite and the Essential Sage Oil is intended for a daily hand and body wash.

The soap’s natural fatty component has a nourishing effect

A mild antiseptic effect is provided by clinoptilolite and the essential sage oil

Thanks to the lattice zeolitic structure, it adsorbs the harmful substances

It smooths the skin and has a rejuvenating effect.

About us


TerraPia skincare is based on the addition of minerals of volcanic origin that have formed in the depths of the earth due to temperature, pressure, the presence of water, a certain pH and the presence of oxygen. After a certain time, crystals of specific structure are formed, and due to the presence of water, the mobility of ions increases and the formation of larger crystals. The unique crystalline structure allows use in skin care, in the healing of damaged skin and disinfection.
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TerraPia Skincare develops premium natural zeolite-based products. Cosmetic preparations were manufactured as a need for natural products of a proven composition for facial, hand, and body skin care.

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New technologies and know‐how facilitate a correct application of natural ingredients that have been created centennially in the depths of the Earth.